KT-1801-II is very suitable and helpful for DIY players to welding. Its arm can be up and down 180 and rotate swing 360 . It can solve a series of problems caused by welding overheating , whether the products are round or square , it can be easy to grip.KT-1801-II is used in Banana Jack, Deans Plug, Mini Deans Plug, MPX Plug, Traxxas Plug and so on.

If two Robots hands are used for welding at the same time, it can help you solve a series of difficulty problems. It can help you to save labor, you do not need two workers to weld the goods, just one person with KT-1801-II is enough.

KNT KT-1801-II is your good helper.
Weight: 230g
Adjustable direction: up and down 180 , swing 360